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Website Design Services

Our plan was to build a chat and blog site for cat lovers, but we don't have time to get the project off the ground, so the domain name, if you haven't seen elsewhere, is now available for sale. We're not in any rush to sell it so in the meantime, we decided to add these pages to keep the domain 'alive' in Google's eyes and, at the same time, to promote our own services. In case you hadn't guessed from the page title, we design websites, so this seems a good place to tell you about what we offer clients!

WordPress and HTML

We prefer to stick to what we do best, so we only work with WordPress and HTML websites. To the average visitor, both types of website look the same, but they're totally different under the skin. Some people call HTML websites 'brochure' websites, because they are literally like magazine pages. They contain all the words and pictures that the site needs, but they don't do anything. Like magazine pages, they don't move. This website is a simple HTML website. HTML websites are stable, reliable, don't need much in the way of maintenance and are not attractive targets for hackers. Although website designers love to sell sites based on WordPress, for many businesses, an HTML website is actually the best choice, even if they have certain limitations.

We also design WordPress websites. WordPress is a program that runs your website for you and provides an admin area where you can create and edit pages. HTML sites don't have that. WordPress can take information and do things with it, which is important for example if you want your website to include an ordering system or online payment system. If you want to add a blog section to allow visitors to post comments on your website, WordPress is probably the best solution on the market.

Unfortunately, although WordPress itself is free, many of the additional components needed to perform specific tasks aren't. WordPress needs memory to run, so needs better quality hosting to make it run properly. WordPress on cheap hosting moves like treacle. WordPress is also a target for many hackers, and need constant maintenance to keep it secure. Unless they are on top-notch hosting, WordPress sites are generally slower than HTML sites. Still, for something like our Cattery Directory, they're more or less essential.

But that doesn't matter

If you want a website for your business, what matters is what you want your site to do. So give it some thought. What do you want visitors to your site to be able to do? If you can tell us that, we can tell you what type of site you need. You don't need to know which is best; we'll tell you. We produce professional websites, which don't fall apart once a week, and which are fully responsive and compatible with all browser types. So you don't need to worry about any of that either.

A business website needs to look professional, must be accessible for visitors no matter what kind of browser they are using, PC, tablet or mobile phone. The good news is that we only produce professional, fully responsive websites!

Design Services and costs

Our standard prices for HTML website design are shown below. Once finished and approved, we provide you with the website in a zip format, ready for uploading and installing onto your web hosting. Prices for HTML websites are based on the number of pages you require and include, where necessary, the additional scripts for things like image galleries and contact forms. Any additional costs, if necessary, will be explained in your pre-order quote.

Website Hosting and maintenance

If you don't want to deal with website hosting, server security, site maintenance and backups, we can offer that service as an extra. Similarly, if you don't want to spend time updating your pages, we can also do that for you, leaving you free to run your business. If you are interested in these services, tell us and we'll include the cost in your quote.

HTML Website Design

Website design and creation - up to 6 pages£350
Website design and creation - up to 12 pages£600
Website design and creation - up to 24 pages£1000
On-Page SEO OptimisationIncluded

WordPress Websites

It's not possible to provide honest upfront prices for WordPress websites because the actual cost will depend on what you want your site to do, and therefore what (if any) extra software is required. Each WordPress website is priced individually. Until we receive a description of what you want your website to do, we can only offer an approximate 'guide' price here. Prices for Wordpress websites start at £600.

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