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Little Dog - Pensione per cani a Milano

Based in Lainate, handily located between Milan and Malpensa airport, Little Dog is a combined boarding kennels and cattery, surrounded by quiet countryside. Surrounded by private woodlands, the kennels is in a little oasis of calm, little more than 15 minutes from the heart of Milan. In addition to providing kennels and cattery accommodation for local cat and dog owners, Little Dog is also active in helping rescue organisations which need temporary accommodation for the many homeless and abandonned cats and dogs in the region. Little Dog offers good quality accommodation, suitable for small, medium and large dogs, along with pens for multiple occupation. The cattery is in an area away from the kennels area and can accommodate some 50 or so cats.

If you're looking for a cattery or boarding kennels near Milan, but also convenient for Malpensa, Little Dog would make an excellent choice, though it is very important to book in advance during July and August when most of Italy closes for its holiday! The owners speak Italian, English and Spanish, so you won't have any trouble being understood!

Originally created around 8 years ago, we have redesigned the site twice during that time to keep it fresh, always keeping the owner's preference for a very visually pleasing site. Aside from being a very pretty website, it has also been in the top 3 results on Google for all relevant searches for the past 7-8 years, and is incredibly effective. We no longer host or manage the site, as the owners are now confident enough to make modifications and keep the site updated themselves.

Little Dog
Kennels near Milan
If you're looking for a good quality kennels or cattery near Milan, Little Dog is situated just outside Lainate, ideal for both Milan and Malpensa. The website is in Italian and English and the owners speak both languages.

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The Little Dog website is a responsive HTML website, and so is very quick, rarely needs maintenance and does extremely well in Google searches (top 3 results for 7-8 years). The site doesn't need anything fancy, just to display the kennels and cattery details and photos, with a contact form to allow visitors to get in touch. For most kennels and cattery websites, an HTML site is ideal - you can buy it and more or less forget it. If you are interested in getting a website like this, get in touch with us. Our prices are more than affordable and you are guaranteed a professionally-built website that will do you proud, and personal service. For more information click here to read about our website design services, or click below to request a personalised quote.