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Cat Heaven - a Cattery in Essex

Cat Heaven is a simple HTML website built for a boarding cattery in Essex. Created as a mock-up for a client who chose to use an existing domain name, the domain name is now available for sale. In terms of style and general functionality, the cattery owners wanted a simple, clean and attractive design that wouldn't require maintenance or take up their time. They didn't need to be able to change things on the site very often, perhaps only their prices, so an HTML website seemed a good choice.

As a general rule, HTML isn't ideal for people who want to update sites regularly, because you need to have at least a little knowledge to be able to make changes without breaking things, but the owners were more concerned with security - their previous CMS site had been hacked twice (once because of poor hosting and once because they neglected to maintaing their site and keep it updated) so they wanted an HTML site, which is significantly less at risk of hacking. In addition, their old CMS site was very slow, (which had penalised them in Google searches) and they wanted something much faster. The Essex Cattery website we created, based on HTML, loads in approximately half a second, so the owners were predictably very pleased with it.

Interestingly, the owners didn't want their new website to attract new clients; they were apparently fully-booked as much as 6-9 months in advance, but wanted to be able to maintain visibility, just in case things changed.

Cat Heaven
Cattery in Essex
If you have a boarding cattery, or kennels, and you want to show people what you have to offer, give them a reason and a way to get in touch with you, this is a superb example of an efficient responsive website that does exactly that!

Want a website like this?

The Essex Cattery website is a responsive HTML website, and so is very quick, rarely needs maintenance and is usually the first result in Google searches for relevant searches. The site is exceptionally easy to use, easy to navigate, stylish (although that's obviously down to personal taste) and does exactly the job a kennels website or cattery website should do; publicise facilities and services and provide a way for visitors to get in touch. It's the perfect type of website for most catteries and kennels. Once set up, you can more or less forget it. If you are interested in getting a website like this, get in touch with us. Our prices are more than affordable and you are guaranteed a professionally-built website that will do you proud, and personal service. For more information click here to read about our website design services, or click below to request a personalised quote.