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British Kennels Directory

One of the more recent websites we have built, the British Kennels Directory was launched 2017, a logical addition to our British Cattery Directory. Intended to provide information for dog owners looking for local boarding kennels, the site is currently under active development and will be expanded throughout 2017 and beyond.

The main feature of the site is its directory of local boarding kennels, but the site also includes listings of local vets and local dog rescue organisations and we also plan to add a section listing recognised dog breeders. The site is run to provide a service rather than to generate profits, and the nominal fees we charge business owners to be listed are intended only to help us cover our costs. Obviously, dog rescue and dog welfare organisations can register free of charge.

The Kennels Directory allows visitors to browse through boarding kennels in their area, and upon selecting a specific kennels are taken to a page dedicated to that particular boarding kennels, which features a description of the kennels, all available contact details and a map to show their location. Visitors can choose either to visit the kennels' website to learn more or get in touch, or they can send an email to the kennels via a built-in contact form.

It's not possible to build a fully-functional directory website with simple HTML as it requires a wide range of automated processes, so we created the British Kennels Directory using WordPress. This allows business owners to register on the site, pay a subscription fee and then create listings for their kennels, veterinary practice or rescue organisation. Only created in June 2017, the Kennels Directory is still in its infancy. As visitor numbers increase we plan to add extra sections to it, such as a directory of recognised dog breeders, a blog section and more. If you visit the site, we hope you find it useful!

Kennels Directory
If you're going away on holiday and need to find a boarding kennels to look after your dog for a while, the British Kennels Directory exists to help you find a local boarding kennels!

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The British Kennels Directory is one of our own websites, and we built it to provide a useful service to dog owners. It's almost a hobby website for us, but designing websites is also our job! If you're interested in having a website for a business or organisation you are involved in, or even a personal website, speak to us. Our prices are more than affordable and you are guaranteed a professionally-built website that will do you proud, and personal service.