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Talking Cats
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Talking Cats

Talking Cats a domain name we bought a while ago, intending to build and run a chat and blog website for cat lovers, with news and stories about cats, and various other things we thought would be of interest to cat lovers and cat owners. Sitting alongside our directory of boarding catteries, it made perfect sense. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the time to manage it now, and so we have decided to put the domain name up for sale so that someone who values it can actually use it. If you're interested, go to 'Domain Names' on the main navigation menu and get in touch with us.

In the meantime, we decided to add this website to keep the domain name 'live' and to promote our web design services. Even if you're not interested in buying 'Talking Cats' we hope you find this website interesting!

This domain is now available for sale and several other premium domain names we own are available for purchase after June 2017

Operating as the BeenDesigned Group, we are a small group of freelance website designers who build websites because we love it, offering our clients affordable and effective design services. If you want a new website for your business, get in touch. Getting a professionally designed website costs less than you think.

We love our work

The BeenDesigned Group is a small group of website designers who originally built websites as a hobby. Over time, the hobby became a full-time job and so a small group of us got together to form a group, working as BeenDesigned. We are and hope to stay a small group. These days, too many 'local website designers' don't design websites any more. They specialise in taking orders which they then farm out to low-cost agencies in India and similar locations. We understand why they do it, and as a business model it's an excellent idea, but it's not for us. We enjoy website design and don't like pretending we're salesmen.

We don't have ambitions to earn loads of money and, as we're small we can't accept all the requests we receive. Every website is dealt with by a single designer, who manages each project from start to finish. We do the stuff we want, in simple terms.